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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 18, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". juliet: i have not lost the bet because to mach means to do it in a contentious manner so i did not mock you. the warm weather continues the warm weather continues today. will we have cooler temperatures over the weekend to get my test forecast coming up. >> police questioning a man in regards to murders in brooklyn, a man's fingerprints were found. >> surveillance camera captures and out of control mr. softy truck slamming into parked cars on the east side.
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please of looking for the driver. >> donald trump usually get in trouble for what he says that this time being criticized for what he did not say. we will tell you the circumstances surrounding that. juliet: i'm juliet huddy. ben: brian sedna, it is said some great teams, thank you for being with us on this friday. note mocked take and a lot of people say you already lost. juliet: that was not mocking. i told the studio would not lock ben today which is incredibly difficult to do. he says i mocked him because he mentioned the word bagel, i was not mocking him, it was not scornful. ben: mike is asking what mocking is. >> here's what i found on the
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>> meteorologist: freeze ben: my cousin was in town from seattle and she was like i didn't expect it to be so hot here. see says -- in seattle, walking down the streets of seattle, how do you do this, 90 degrees late september. just bringing it up to transition to the weather. does that make sense? we will let you off the hook on this one. must be a birthday or something. 89 degrees, high temperature yesterday central park, in newark, it was pretty hot out there for your cousin and anyone with high temperatures around 93, we were not quite there but approaching it.
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here is where we start today, 69 is your current temperature, 69 in montauk, up 54 degrees in monticello. air quality alert going into affect for most of new jersey, just as not include the northeastern region. five burroughs not in it but high levels of ozone with higher temperatures and stagnant air over new jersey, back toward philly. the rest of the tristate we have mainly clear sky, a few clouds against the coast, the southeast atlantic waters looks like that may intensify and make its move of the eastern seaboard throwing back moisture toward the weekend especially as we head towards sunday and the cold front will approach the area, high pressure blocking things out and does a good job there the majority of the week but it will start to break down as we head into the weekend which is not a bad thing, we need some wet weather
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not happening today or tomorrow but sunday the cold front swings through, swinging to the north but we're going to keep it dry. high temperatures up to 86 degrees, there are the clouds coming fruit, sprinkles in the city, high of 77 sunday, let's bring in ines and see what is going on. we have a few issues here and there. >> couple problems in westchester, northbound by the sawmill, that has put lane blocked, no issues crossing the tappan zee bridge, new jersey commute doing fine on 80, 287, no problems, take a look outside by the grand central parkway in queens, doing fine westbound and east bound, started the morning with an accident on grants and for parkway east bound by the ku guidance and clear away. long island rail road, pass trains doing fine. ben and juliet. ben: sources say police
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questioning a man in connection with two hotel murders. >> joseph dan clair, sources confirm he is in police custody and detectives are interviewing him at the precinct, he is being questioned about two murders, one on july 23rd, a 34-year-old woman, they found her body fair and a murder on september 8th at the broadway hotel in midtown, all women 43 years old this time, this man was seen on video going into the hotel with the women and leaving without from. his fingerprints were found that one of the scenes. they are investigating whether he may have ripped two other women. ben: new data shows the homeless population in new york has risen since bill deblasio came into office, a 57,002 and the 6 people housing shelters this week according to data the city put out. a spike of 4,000 people from mayor bloomberg's final months in office, 53,000 december of
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2013. what is more, people staying in shelters are staying longer. averaged a 534 days compared to the previous average of 515 days. statement from city hall says they're working to upgrade services and prevent homelessness. >> people around the area are finalizing plans for pope francis next week. >> teresa priolo is live outside st. patrick's cathedral with the latest on the pope's impending visit a couple days away. >> reporter: good morning. the pope begins his nine they were all wind trip to our side of the world tomorrow with a stop in cuba and eventually makes his way to new york city where he will be at st. pat's. they're trying to get reparations in place for the pope's arrival for what he will see your to the altar he will use at madison square garden and the streets that will be closed so he can get around with ease. >> it is exciting because not a
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lot of people get this opportunity to see the pope. >> reporter: from harlem to westchester everyone is gearing up for the rival of the pope. >> i am from what island. >> reporter: one week from today his holiness will visit our lady queen of angels in harlem, third and fourth grade students putting finishing touches on their science project the pope will see. they say they are most excited to see and speak to him. >> what will you tell him? >> why? >> so my mom can have enough money to paper or apartment. >> reporter: these three students placed in the school by a family court system have built vaulter, pulpit and lectern millions will seek and pope francis will use at his madison square garden masse. it has taken weeks that they are done. >> looks better than i expected to be. i am shocked that i made this. >> i never thought.
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>> reporter: the pope will get from one place to the next, but you will not. the warning signs are at new jersey and in the city where there will be multiple street closures. let's just say you will be the patience of a st.. >> maybe i will eventually pick the date, extremely bad for us. the church -- >> reporter: seems like a good idea. maybe he can come to this one. mass-transit is your best approach when the pope comes to town for a few days he is here and perhaps avoid the entire east side of the island. that is the latest from midtown. back to you in studio. ben: or avoid the whole island. juliet: we all scream for ice cream when an ice-cream truck barrels down the street out of control. that happen to mr. softy for, were east side last friday.
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video careening down east broadway and east broadway in clinton street very scary. hopefully this was late at night because there were not many people out there, slammed into several parked cars, a fence and tree before speeding off. no one was hurt. police are looking for that driver. ben: limos safety following the deadly crash on long island east end, national transportation safety board agreed to investigate the accident that killed four women riding in a stretch limo smashed by a pickup truck, senator schumer said he sent the ntsb a letter questioning whether stretch limos are lacking in basic safety features such as side air bags, rolled over bars and emergency exits. he adds participation in future investigations could help gather data to address safety issues involving those vehicles. sometimes it is hard to find seat belts. ben: juliet: no one's seat belt design in a limo. you just throw caution to the wind. donald trump is facing a new
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he usually gets in trouble for what he does say but this time it was for something he did not day. ben: at town hall meeting in new hampshire, a president, questioned said the president obama is muslim. trump did not correct him. robert moses joins us now with the story. >> reporter: good morning. we should note president obama is not muslim and he is an american citizen but from never spoke up and said that's all this morning he is defending his comments or lack thereof. >> i want to take questions. we like that. >> reporter: when donald trump asked for audience participation during an appearance in rochester, new hampshire, that is when things got interesting. in the past trump has faced criticism for what he did say. >> they are bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: in this case it is
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>> this man, i like this guy. >> we have a problem in this country. it is called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he is not even an american. anyway. we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that is my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we will be looking at a lot of different things. a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people saying bad things are happening, we will look at that and plenty of other things. >> nor did trump dispute the claim president is not american. hillary clinton hans von twitter. donald trump not denouncing false statements about the president of the united states, hateful rhetoric about muslims is disturbing and just plain wrong, cut it out. in 2011 from himself questioned whether president obama was american which prompted the
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certificate but the questioner in new hampshire evoked a moment from 2008 when a woman questioned john mccain but listen to how john mccain's response differed from trump's. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he is -- he is an arab. he is not -- >> no, ma'am. he is a decent family man, isn't that i happen to have disagreements with. >> from's campaign manager said in a statement that from didn't hear the questioner say the president is muslim. campaign manager criticized president obama for waging a war on christianity. the president has said in the past that he is a practicing christian. juliet: all right, thank you, robert. always exciting watching mr. trump.
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we have a lot more coming got. ben: was it an accident? the mother of the football player the bashed an opponent in the head with a helmet. mike is keeping track of the forecasts. >> nice day coming up, clear skies coming up, the sun doesn't come up until 6:30, warm and dry average high temperatures 74 degrees which will be on the cool side, we are going up to a high of 86 degrees, very warm, above normal temperatures tend to 13 degrees, daily and hourly forecasts on the weather apps, download at the apple itunes store, google play store, it is free and comes in handy and it works there too.
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ben: i love this when i am out running, hot day and you run down a stretch of businesses and the doors are open and the air conditioning wafts out, loved it. that is now basically illegal in new york city. you walk down low sidewalk and the doors open forget it, it is over with now all businesses must shut their doors when using your condition or 0 will face a fine. a bill passed by city council
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expands an existing law that banned large stores from keeping their doors open, now includes small business as well. the city says it is a waste of energy which is kind of trend is bad for the environment. who did in the/outdoor thing? they have to close the windows. ben: the indoor/outdoor. i don't know, if they have a garage door tight windows. on a hot day they probably don't usually have those open because then it is not really cool inside. juliet: depends on where it is. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. ben: we will investigate. >> meteorologist: not sure how that would work. there is a department store at union square in burlington and all that good stuff.
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juliet: people run in the heat. strong. >> meteorologist: we are running behind. let's show you what is happening, sunny skies, everybody enjoy and appreciate but we do need the rain fall and it does not look like we have enough coming that. here is what we have for the month of september, 1.91 inches of rain, which is below since january 1st. we have seen 29 inches of rain, now at 6 inches below normal so we are running a moderate drought in the tristate region, thankfully our stores, reservoirs are doing fairly well but we're still behind which is why plants and what not not looking so great so we will take the rain when we get it. clear skies and center bart, dew points at 56 degrees, humidity at 63%, we don't have anything to get showers and storms going
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we have 64 in philly, 66 in d.c. mainly clear in the region, up against the coast, this low pressure gets going of of southeast atlantic waters, a lot of rain in south carolina and some in to eastern north carolina and a little cloud cover drifting up our way. doesn't look like anything significant coming to us, getting into sunday where there's a friend to the northwest that will drop through here bringing us more cloud cover and cooler temperatures but when it comes to rainfall chances are on the minimal side, today it is sunny and warm, note to the joy, 86 degrees, mostly clear tonight, lows dropping from 58 to 68 and as we go through the next seven days, 77 on sunday, the front passing through the area which might give you a sprinkle but doesn't look that promising, looks more
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back to clear skies so not featuring an of rainfall to get out of this drought. we will be looking down the road. let's bring in ines. >> northbound by the sawmill there is an accident blocking a lane, no problems on the tappan zee bridge, rockland county, there's the lie in queens doing fine but we have a problem in suffolk county. let's go to our cameras ease the long island expressway, watch out for an accident. you can see flashing lights, a bit of a delay travelling eastbound, westbound slowdowns, rubbernecking but significant back up. the george washington bridge, check on that doing fine this morning on the upper lower-level, same goes for 495 towards the lincoln tunnel or the holland. juliet: 5:20. ben: the mother of the local football player seen hitting his opponent over the head with that
5:20 am
juliet: liz dahlem is here. what is latest? >> reporter: we are hearing from the mom and the police department and the school. everyone has something to say about this issue, every series when you look at the video. the family says there were racist remarks all game but the bashing was not a form of retaliation. this is a play from last friday that got this man kicked off the team. lyndon high school football team suspended from school. he takes the opponent's tell us off and hits him across the head with it, the play resulted in a 15 yard penalty. >> he really is apologetic for this. is that it was an accident and he said his hand got stuck in the helmet and i believe my child. >> mistake. we have all made mistakes but this was a very serious incident. >> reporter: his family thinks the situation is being blown out of proportion.
5:21 am
incident. we should mention a player is being recruited to play at the college level so who knows what will affect his future playing. i am not so sure. juliet: school officials, trying to wake up, it was a school officials or police official but somebody on the air said that in all but investigation they have been doing have not heard allegations of racism from anybody and this is the person that heard it. >> reporter: the family brought it up yesterday. we will see, the police will decide. juliet: a lot more coming up. >> meteorologist: including should there be weight rules when it comes to those cocktail waitresses? juliet: a topic that always seems to rear its ugly head. ben: the latest on a new court
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ben: the babies lost the battle in court, some of the waitresses are required to wear scantily clad outfits. the atlantic city casino discrimination, required to maintain a certain weight yesterday at judge ruled there was no evidence of that since male babies were supposed to keep the requirements and because servers agreed to maintain their appearance as a condition of employment. juliet: del babies? i just -- okay. amazon is hoping to make a big spot this holiday season unveiling a new seven in fire tablet for $50. it features not processor, front and rear facing cameras, 128 gigabytes of expendable storage and you can save money by buying in bulk if you want to get
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>> from fox 5 news this is a "good day wake-up". ben: 5:30, warm weather continues through the early part of the weekend but expect cooler temperatures as we start next week. looks like that nice weekend out there. mike woods has the full forecast. juliet: police looking for serial gas station robertson may be connected to 15 robbery's.
5:27 am
we will bring that story coming up. ben: counting down to the arrival of pope francis. team-1 week to go, he will be in tel, it will be his whirlwind day across the city, he arrives thursday night. friday is going to be the headache for traffic and the chance to see him as well. juliet: the emmys are this weekend, we will look at the front runners for the award show. will john hamm win an emmy for his role on mad men? ben: never won. juliet: i guess not. he went to the university of missouri at the same time did. i knew love him, we would see each other. he was -- i was not enough authority. ben: interesting. 5:31. juliet: you in a fraternity? ben: no, they did not have them. it was not allowed basically.
5:28 am
juliet: that is nice. we have a bet. ben: she was going to say something. juliet: i am not allowed to say anything mocking of ban. ben: i did not need greek life to make my college life seemed fulfilled. >> meteorologist: i did. dave: what fraternity agreement? >> meteorologist: 5 cap alpha. they were actually -- they helped me do better. i use that as an excuse, my mom bought it. the weather has changed, 69 degrees is your temperature, bridgeport 52 degrees in monticello as well as sussex and we have an air quality alert in affect but mimi new jersey as you head toward philly,
5:29 am
jersey out of it, high levels of ozone popping up, something that typically happens midsummer but happening today as we wrap up summer here but last weekend of summer coming up. here is an area of low pressure which will bring additional cloud cover over the weekend but showers and storms like they are staying in the southeast. this cold front will be swinging through but that won't bring us much in terms of rainfall either but they are both trying but it is not happening especially today, high temperature 86 degrees, high pressure in control, tomorrow because for up high and clouds and maybe a sprinkle passed through here on sunday. let's bring it over to ines rosales. ines: some problems with the morning commute. problems northbound by the saw mill, blocking a lane some debris on the tappan zee bridge as you get off the bridge
5:30 am
westchester bound, lane closed because of the greek, as far as your commute in new jersey 78, 287 doing fine, no problems at all. let's look at our cameras, the lie, suffolk county, eastbound some delays, flashing lights and accidents in that area. expect a slowdown, west down the okay for the most part, some cars are slowing down, rubbernecking to see what is going on but no significant delays, trains doing great, metro-north, long island railroad, and pass trains running on or close to schedule. >> police are searching for serial gas station robber wanted in connection with 15 robberies. ben: he struck wednesday night holding up a mobile in old country road, up the ninth robbery in nassau county and he could be responsible for as many as six more in suffolk county but the common thread in robberies is the suspect covered teacher.
5:31 am
nassau county crime stoppers at 800-244-tips. juliet: happy halloween reunion between -- don't know where i got the word halloween. that is strange. between the 2-year-old boy and his mom. seemed like a horror story. this boy was left in a brooklyn park by day care workers. police tweeted this picture after a good samaritan found him alone in the sunset park playground yesterday afternoon. the good samaritan broadened the precincts, he had been in the park with a dozen other kids from the quality of life academy. some reports that one of the teachers miscount that all these kids when they were leaving of the park and left him behind by accident. no response from the day care facility. ben: we are learning more about the new proposal to create zones for times square's painted lady costume characters and big crowds, a plan created by a
5:32 am
area between 42 and 47th street to be read designated a public space, basically a public park known as times square commons. tip seekers would be restricted to designated activity zones. there would be civic zones for public events, flow zones for pedestrian traffic. >> in the sense of what it be easier to control? certainly but what it would work. ben: city leaders think the proposed rules could regulate street performers. news. he is just in the news period. facing a new round of criticism for something he did not set a. ben: in new hampshire esa a person ask him a question, said president obama is a muslim. trump did not correct him. robert moses with trump's reaction. >> reporter: good morning, trump has faced plenty of criticism
5:33 am
for things he did say in the past as specially about immigration. now he is being blasted for what he didn't say specifically for not correcting the record. the trouble started yesterday at a town hall meeting in rochester, new hampshire when trump said he would forgo his questions. sounds innocent enough so he took one from a man in the interesting. >> this man. i like this guy. >> a problem in this country is called muslims. we know our current president is one. training camps, rolling where they want to kill us. that is my question? things. a lot of people are saying bad things are happening. things.
5:34 am
>> the president is not muslim. and he is an american citizen. in 2011 you might recall trump questioned whether the president was an american citizen which prompted president obama to release his birth certificate. trump spokesman said trump did not hear the questioner's false claims. the spokesman criticized the president for waging war against christianity. by the way recent poll shows nearly 1-third of americans still believe to this day that the president is muslim. back to you. juliet: thank you very much. ben: people all around the tristate area finalizing plans to see pope francis next week. >> teresa priolo joins us outside st. patrick's cathedral in midtown. >> reporter: good morning, is that time and pope francis is going to begin his nine they whirl wind trip to our neck of
5:35 am
the woods with a stop in cuba to oh. this is a visit expected to highlight his efforts to broker peace between the united states and cuba. eventually as we know will move north and eventually make his way to new york city and all those last-minute preparations of all kinds are under way. when he comes to new york city you could say the city, you genuflect to him, it will be easy for him to get around but for you and me it will be different, so many street closures, detours, we ask people if they're putting plans into place and this is what they said. >> i won't come to the city from long island, coming to the city that week. >> eventually i will take a day off. >> very bad for us. we have no choice, the church. >> reporter: mass-transit is your best option. they will be running extra trains on some lines to accommodate massive crowds.
5:36 am
we are being told if you can you should work or from home or avoid the city at all costs if you're not coming in specifically to see the pope. one thing we want to mention as we get around an attempt to make our way, certainly we have to keep in mind the purpose of the trip, the fact that if the pope new how much inconvenience it would be for a lot of people he would not like it either but it is the spirit of the trip and how excited so many people are the we have to keep in mind. back to both of you. ben: thank you very much. i wonder if businesses are auctioning for people to work from home. help alleviate the traffic. juliet: we will have coverage. >> mike woods. have we looked that far ahead into late next week? ben: we are getting there. looks quiet out there. sunny and on the cool to warm side.
5:37 am
we like to slightly above normal temperatures but pretty quiet weather pattern here, not much changing for us but we will have a drop in temperatures, here is your bus stop forecast on this t g i f. send him out, they don't need much, we will see mild temperatures starting at 69 degrees but sunny skies throughout the day and high temperatures above normal in the middle 80s, 64 in philly, 67 degrees in boston for what the northeast, not so bad, if a nine in syracuse, clear sky high pressure in control there as it is here and that will keep skies nice and sunny, we like the sunshine but we need the rain fall, still heading to a high of 86 degrees, no rain, we got to a low of 68 tonight with mainly clear skies, sunny again tomorrow but clouds rolled through sunday with a cold front passing but doesn't have enough moisture to get real rain, maybe a sprinkle, then a better chance of rain tuesday but i'm not
5:38 am
impressed with the that. still featuring sunshine, looks like that may go into fraud. the weather apps as daily and hourly forecasts broken down, download the apps and the apple itunes store and google play store. this spring in ines and see what is going on on friday morning. ines: the commute on long island doing fine, the jericho turnpike traveling westbound you are ok as well as southern state parkway staten island expressway between the gospels bridge and verrazano bridge, no problems. let's look at your commute on the tappan zee bridge westchester bound doing okay, there are reports of the debris still slowing things as you get off the bridge, let's check on the bqe towards the brooklyn bridge moving fine as usual all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge because of construction, gwb upper lower level doing fine, lincoln tunnel inbound okay but if you look at the outbound side you have traffic flow toward the turnpike
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the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can. juliet: checking your headlines, sources tell fox 5 police are questioning the man they have
5:41 am
with two hotel murders. joseph dan clair is interviewed by detectives in the deaths of a woman july 23rd in williamsburg and september 8th in midtown. ben: the homeless population in new york city has risen by 4,000. bill deblasio came into office, 57,206 people are being housed in shelters. juliet: the mother of a football player being hit in the head is defending her son. she says it was just an accident and not a form of retaliation. ben: september when baseball begins. juliet: the mets and yankees began a subway city series at subway field. ben: this -- both teams fighting for position as we head to apply ofs, mets are in first place, yanks and blue jays, three games in the a.l. east, the magic
5:42 am
down to nine games after miami beat the nets last night thanks to that three run shot in the fifth, miami when 6-4, met the eight games ahead, 16 games to play. juliet: toronto beat the braves, toronto on the board with this home run, the fourth inning, day is when 5-0 extending their lead over the yanks by half a game so the yankees are 3.5 back with 17 left to play. babied the wild card race by four-as. thursday night football game action exciting, denver broncos took on the kansas city chiefs. >> brothers nearing the end zone, peyton manning finds an open emanuel sanders with a 19 yard touchdown and denver ties it 24-24 with 36 seconds left. they get the ball back but like any team coached by andy reid
5:43 am
they will cough up. brandon marshall strips jamal charles, bradley will scoop up and goes in for the score for denver, 21 yard touchdown right 31-24. juliet: i was not mocking you. the giants take on metlife, you can keep the action on fox 5. ben: jets are on the road monday night to face the coals when they get back from metlife stadium, fans can treat themselves to this delicacy. juliet: hard to tell how all fix this is. pizza. ben: the diameter of the bagel is the diameter of a football. called the jumbo jet bagel. 1/2 pound of ham, breakfast sausage, four fried eggs, potato hash and a bottle of sauce meant to serve four to six people.
5:44 am
juliet: it is a pretty decent deal. i wasn't mocking you at all. ben: she is making fun of how i say a word. juliet: i am repeating how you say it with glee and happiness in my eyes i loved it so much. ben: a mocking tone and direction. >> meteorologist: laughs after words. ben: who thinks he lost? raise your hand. juliet: sometimes -- >> meteorologist: always got your back. juliet: she is very fair, a fair woman. >> meteorologist: let's get your temperatures lined up this morning. we have 69 degrees at central park, 64 in newark, 52 in sussex, in monticello, things
5:45 am
but not in the range once you go north of 60 start to feel it, it is more sticky in montauk but everyone else is fine, 60 or below, high pressure still in control which will bring clear skies, sunshine, an area of low pressure not a big problem. another area of low pressure to the northwest is more threatening but not today, today into tomorrow keeping it nice and clear and sunny and dry but as we go from tomorrow in to sunday that front make progress and there could be showers in upstate new york. the tristate the only thing we see is an increase in cloud cover and a chance for sprinkles and that should be it. going forward through the day today we will see sunny skies with high temperature to 86 degrees and the next seven days, 83 tomorrow, 77 sunday and shower chances tuesday of next week as cooler temperatures. there is the weather texting
5:46 am
we send you a text with weather forecasts and it is free. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. ines: if you're traveling in westchester, northbound by the sawmill, two lanes blocked with this crash, new jersey commuter problems on 280 west bound, accident by mccarter highway, one lane closed, slight delay not significant, you have green on cameras, everything else, parkway doing fine. let's look outside at your commute this morning. the southbound side was the 59th street bridge, for the tri borough no issues, as far as trains everything on or close to
5:47 am
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only when you book direct
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ben: 5:54. juliet: anna gilligan, hello. anna: the anys that this sunday, big night for hollywood. here is a look at the favorites to win an emmy and a track record shows in the running, take a look. with the 67th annual emmy awards babes the inevitable question whog the inevitable question who s the inevitable question who the inevitable question whobegs the inevitable question who will end michael winner?
5:50 am
aim of thrones test of competition, mad men is a favorite of many critics, it already has four anys for a show that ran seven season. >> your dad wishes he could be here. >> what are you talking about? i am right ear. >> reporter: this comedy series could go once again to modern family which claimed the top honor for the past five years in a row. sixth year would set a new record, voters may decide it is time to give a newer shows a chance that the winner's table. >> you had my client david allen set up for her murder. >> reporter: one favorite to win best actress is violet davis for her role on how to get away with murder. another front runner for empire, anyone's game but walked out when you are against quote the. park game the night for one last bank. a little dirty but headline shot. >> reporter: 14 times in never began in the. sentimentality could clinch her
5:51 am
in a comedy series for parks and recreation. the last year she could win it but julia louis dreyfus took home the past five years after popularity hasn't waned. >> connecticut. >> settle down. a bowl of hair could win this thing. anna: this could be john hamm's year to win best actor anadromous drama years. >> delicate. anna: if he doesn't win he will hold the record for most snubbed in the category. >> i have something to tell you. in a comedy series is jeffrey for amazon's transparent, nominated six times before and is never won although he is
5:52 am
going up against don g.. 0-7. will work is getting strong competition in the category for his comedy alas man on earth. cme goes to. >> reporter: to find out who's doing pretty well, tune in at 8:00 p.m. on fox 5. so if they win, the first time an african-american woman wins as a lead actress for at drama series. history could be made. juliet: rumors are swirling that john snow is back. anna: i didn't think he was dead. juliet: use that he would be a way longer. anna: that is not did. juliet: very thought 5 or fantasy or whatever it is. ben: we will see what happens sunday night at 8:00. anna: we will recap monday. ben: you will be up late.
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a couple minutes from the top of the 6:00 hour.
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